David King arrived on Lummi Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State in 1972 to Reefnet for one season. After six years, fishing various sites for the late Will Wright, he built and set a Reefnet Gear at Mitchell Bay, San Juan Island in 1979. During his early years on Lummi Island, he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Western Washington University. Following were a few years spent exploring life on the mainland, in places near and distant. He returned to Lummi Island in 1985 to fish his own Reefnet Site, and to reconnect with the pulse of life there. He has build a home on the island, were he lives with his daughter, Grace. Over the past fifteen years, he has produced a series of Valentines Cards for de Medici-Ming Fine Paper, in Seattle. The compositions vary from his own, to Quotations from past masters of painting, which are intended as a tribute to them. David works in Oil and Watercolor. His larger paintings portray facets of the island environment, and the human presence there. His paintings have been exhibited in the US, Canada, and abroad.